Adam Chick, Past Client

I showed up fresh to the track with no expectations. It was my first time in a Spec Miata and felt a little intimidated. But Tommy took me under his wing and taught me everything I needed to know as I went. From brake points to shift points to the racing line, I improved every session and now feel more confident as a driver.

Mark Gordon, Past Client

Tommy is an extremely talented racer, who always has time to help those who are less skilled than him. He once told me that I could ask him any question no matter how simple it seemed. He truly meant this - he is someone with natural ability and tons of experience, who still remembers what it is like to be a beginner.


Tommy is patient with others and always behaves very calmly and professionally under pressure. He is eager to learn about all aspects of the sport.

Kai Gorman, Photographer

Working with tommy is always a pleasure. He holds himself in high professional regard both on and off the track. It’s also refreshing to photograph and film for such a talented driver, as podium shots make for some great shots!